Navitas Group

Navitas is a leading global educational consultancy group which provides services to over 70,000 aspirational students across a global network covering 120 colleges in 24 countries every year. Our partnership and synergy with the professionalism of Navitas is aimed at helping aspiring student transfer their dreams into fulfilled reality of overseas university admission.

This cuts across the services of Navitas in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa with universities including:
• BCUIC at Birmingham City University, Birmingham.
• CRIC at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.
• EIC at Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh.
• HIC at University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield (20 minutes from London)
• ICP at University of Portsmouth, South Coast of England.
• ICRGU at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.
• Navitas at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton
• SAE Institute

About the Author

Aisel G-Link Team

AISEL G-LINK SERVICES LIMITED was founded in 2014 by seasoned educational consultants who are driven by the passion to assist students acquire quality education overseas.